How Effective is Tea for Fat Burning?

Recent months have seen a great deal of media coverage on the use of tea to stimulate weight loss. What does tea actually do to help with weight loss? Fat burning tea is it possible? Does green tea work better in this case than black? You can see pt trim for more information.

Since the tea craze began, manufacturers of supplements are heavily involved. Now nearly every fat burning supplement available contains green tea. Tea has been credited with fat burning properties, but is this true?

There are many types of teas that, in addition to caffeine which increases metabolism, contain compounds that will help with fat loss.

Teas like green and oolong have been touted as the best fat-loss teas. The polyphenols in these two teas work on several body systems, promoting fat loss.

Thermogenesis is the conversion of fat into heat. This is a process that helps burn your body fat. This tea has shown to boost your metabolism and encourage your body use more fat as energy.

In essence, they encourage a shift in the metabolism. This is done by decreasing the amount of carbs used as energy and increasing instead the fat used. The compounds in these two teas slow digestion and absorbtion of carbohydrates. The blood sugar will spike less as a result of eating. You’ll store less fat. The amount of fat digested by meals is reduced when drinking oolong.

Green, oolong tea and other herbal products can reduce the amount of fat stored in your body.

What about black Tea? Although there are few studies that link black tea with fat loss, it does contain antioxidants and caffeine. It has also been suggested that white tea may have some properties to promote fat loss. Although it’s more difficult to get, it’s becoming increasingly popular.

The same plant produces black, white, green and oolong. Both black and green teas originate from the same plant, although green tea isn’t fermented. White tea comes only from the buds. The stems of the plant are used to make oolong.

Fat burning is real with tea. The teas are also a great source of antioxidants. In order to lose body fat, you should include them in your daily fluid intake.

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