The Magical Mushroom

In the field of mycology (the study or mushrooms), there are many new enthusiasts for the ‘fungus’ among us. As the humble toadstool has been used by many people around the globe for different medical conditions, this simple mushroom may very well be put in the spotlight as an effective alternative for treating some stubborn imbalances. You can see soulcybin for more information.

Due to their nutritional quality, vegetarians value mushrooms. Mushrooms can produce Vitamin D when they are exposed to sunlight. Mushrooms include B vitamins, Vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus.

Medicinal mushrooms have thousands of compounds and nutrients that are health-strengthening. Eastern medicine uses mushrooms in traditional Chinese treatments for many centuries. In the U.S. early ’60s, researchers studied extracts to find ways of modulating the immune system or inhibiting cancerous tumors.

The practice of mushroom-hunting is popular but not a safe one. Some poisonous mushrooms can look similar to edible ones. A specialist is needed to differentiate between the two. As well, mushrooms are sponge-like and absorb contaminants from air and the soil. However, they are easily seen as a health food.

Some mushrooms, which lack the ability to photosynthesise, obtain nutrients either by breaking down organic materials or by eating plants higher up. The other group of mushrooms eat living plants. You can find both poisonous and edible plants near the roots and oak, pine, and fir tree trees.

The natives of Mesoamerica, who have been using mushrooms ritually for many thousands of centuries. American cultures consumed mushrooms in huge quantities during religious rituals. Spain’s cave paintings depict ritualized eating dating back 9000-years. Western psychiatry didn’t rediscover Psilocybin usage until World War II.

Use of psilocybin (a naturally occurring substance in certain types of mushrooms) is controversial. Psilocybin treatment has shown positive results in the fight against alcoholism, and nicotine addiction.

The hallucinogenic medication may help relieve anxiety or depression for some cancer sufferers, new research shows. Certain studies report mood-raising effects that last at least for several weeks.

Although fungus was a source of fascination to people throughout history, it is now entering a period where new and exciting discoveries are being made about the healing qualities as well as other undiscovered properties. The mushroom is likely to hold some of the answers for long-forgotten diseases and mysteries.