What Do plumbers do?

Plumbing contractors in certain regions are required to have a license – more about the author?

For a better understanding of the plumber’s role, you can look over a list to see what components a plumber has and those that do not.

Some will be easy to identify, and others may be more difficult.

You can scan this list to find out which items do not belong.

Water Heaters

Hot Water Dispensers

Water Filters

Garbage Disposals

Water Conservation Techniques


Gas Lines




Many people would assume from this list that the work of a plumber does not include gas lines or excavation. Others may doubt that sewers fall under the scope of plumbers’ work. It is because people tend to associate plumbers with water. People think that a plumber is responsible for everything that needs water in a building or home, and that their responsibility ends there.

It was only a joke, as plumbers deal with each system and component listed.

Gas lines can refer to propane or natural gas. These gases are used by homeowners for gas fireplaces, gas heaters, cooking and heating water. The plumbers who install and repair these systems have been trained. They are the best source to contact for everything propane in your home.

It is easy to see how excavations are part of the job of plumbers, especially when installing new water or sewer pipes into or coming out from a residence.

Plumbers also handle any issues with sewers. Although it doesn’t involve water alone, the problem is intrinsically connected to plumbing as it originates from the bathroom flushing system which is also set up by plumbers.

The vast range of work that plumbers are involved in makes you appreciate their skills and training. If you decide to hire a professional plumber, it is important that you understand you are hiring a person with extensive knowledge who will come into your house and fix everything.